Alena Vavilina

Alena Vavilina’s art is both a unifying and graceful force as it seamlessly weaves an invisible thread binding countries and cultures.


Russian by birth, Alena Vavilina grew up in Moscow. She studied in France, England, Malta, China and Dubai. Her experiences in these countries and with these cultures are captured in her artistic creations.


Her art is trans dimensional, as she attempts to create a world without territorial or temporal boundaries. Through formal academic lessons Alena learned the principles of art, and with this foundation she is currently experimenting with styles and media. Her style of painting is a vivid example of modern art.


In Alena Vavilina’s art, there is the mixture of ancient Chinese style, juxtaposed with modern European civilization. It can be described as reunion of styles, time and the unique author personality.


A key source of inspiration for Alena is Vincent Van Gogh, and his quote, “I dream my painting and then I paint my dream...” represents the verbal expression of her work.


The paintings of Alena Vavilina are a part of private arts collections around the world. She is curated by Gallery Matchboox in Skopje, Macedonia and ART WEME Contemporary Gallery, Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia.

She often participates in charity art exhibitions; additionally she takes part in well-known art exhibitions which are listed below.



© Alena Vavilina