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Group exhibition " Soul of Art"  at IAM Gallery, Andaz Capital Gate Hotel, Abu Dhabi, UAE

Alena Vavilina  (AV Art) takes part at the group exhibition " Soul of Art" which is curated by IAM gallery and will last for two month.
The idea of exhibition matches the main purpose and credo of the Art Gallery:" We believe communication between the artist, the agency and the gallery representative is imperative success. Our legacy is our deep commitment to offering creative solutions in ever-changing art landscape. We believe in the power of the arts to change lives and enhance the quality of life in every community."
The exhibition took place in Andaz Capital Gate Hotel Abu Dhabi. 
Like a phoenix from the ashes, the Capital Hyatt Gate transforms into Andaz and a great space for art is born, the iconic Hyatt Capital Gate hotel has bee transformed into an exclusive Andaz Hotel, and with it, comes  an artful approach to hospitality, and IAM Gallery is the local arts management gallery that has been brought on to being the hotel's artistic vision to life and has filled it with luminous walls with local colour. Within the hotel, Andaz has made every effort to make his hotel all about art, from custom tailored and uniquely clothed staff to art objects and bespoke hotel collection, this hotel has thought of everything for travellers who loves arts and might enjoy staying in a work of art itself.

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